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Quick tip: position business cards in the same order people sit

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You get into a business meeting with a lot of people you’ve never met and immediately forget everyone’s name after introductions. That doesn’t bode well for the meeting since you never know who to address when you’re speaking. You feel like you might look incompetent talking to the wrong person across the table.

I’ve had trouble remembering people’s names and job titles too, but I found an easy way to fix that throughout the meeting.

When people pass out their business cards, I recommend ordering the cards in front of you in the same order the people are sitting at the table.

using business cards in a meeting

where to position business cards

This way, you will remember each person’s name and who you should talk to based on job titles. If you need to talk about accounting, you can glance at the business cards and remember who the Senior Account is. If you want to address the highest ranking person in the room, you can look at the cards and see who the other company’s CEO is.

Try this tip so you can make a strong impression in your next business meeting.