Doing the whole job

Many people can do their jobs well. They complete the task their boss asks them to do on time and to specification. They are polite, follow instructions, and do what is asked of them every time. They check all the boxes on the task list their boss gives them and call it a day.

But they aren’t doing the whole job.

A high caliber employee does all of those things and more: She completes all aspects of the job with the company’s goals and clients’ goals in mind.

She anticipates the client’s next request and has an answer ready ahead of time.

She knows Project XYZ is the CEO’s top priority so she makes it her top priority at work.

She knows her project might not get her boss the results he wants, but she has a backup plan prepared that could also help the company reach its goal.

She does the whole job by completing her work with the intent of helping her company reach its goals.

Doing the whole job is a lot more difficult than just showing up and completing your task list. But that is why it is so much more valuable to your company.

One of the best ways to become a top level employee at work is to do the whole job.

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