How to NOT pick your start date

When I graduated from college, one of my classmates was starting a full time job at a Fortune 500 company . When I asked him what his start date was, he very proudly said that he could pick his start date so he picked the Monday before July 4, which fell on a Wednesday that year.

He specifically picked that date so he could get one extra paid vacation day rather than starting after August 1 like most of the new hires and foregoing that one extra paid vacation. He wanted to get as much money from the company while doing the least amount of work he could.

Well, it wasn’t much of a shock when he was laid off two years later.

An attitude that you want to extract as much compensation as possible while doing the least work possible isn’t a great way to advance your career.

Instead, add as much value as possible to your coworkers, boss, and company. In return, they will treat you well and compensate you well.

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