Inflection Points

In a company’s life it goes through many inflection points, or times of significant change. Many employees at companies going through an inflection point get scared, and rightfully so.

Inflection points can be times for organizational restructuring, pivoting the core business, and low cash flows. During these times, employees tend to start looking for a new job and hedging their bets on the company.

But I suggest a different approach which has worked out well in my career. An inflection point is a time to dig in and support the company: take more responsibility and embrace the pivoting business model. As other employees leave the company, pick up the work they were doing. As executives want to build new products and go after a new market, lead the charge to break into that market.

The benefits will pay off when you hit the other type of inflection point: when the company is hiring again and cash is flowing in. Here, the company has emerged from its challenges and is ready to prosper.

Now that you took on extra responsibilities during the tough times and led the company into its new era, you will get the opportunity to manage the new hires, get promoted, and climb up the ladder. You are the only person in your company with the skill set that it now needs to scale and grow. There is no option but to let you lead the new department that will form around you.

You will reap the rewards of sticking through the tough times and creating a stronger company.

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