The importance of being coachable for your career

Over the years, I’ve noticed one trait that helps employees become successful within a company: being coachable. That is, having the desire to learn new things from other people.

This is especially true for employees who are coming right out of school or joining a new industry. They have a skills gaps between what they used to do and what they must do in their new jobs.

Why is being coachable important?

Your manager can teach you the hard skills you need to do your job: How to use Excel, how to write reports, how people communicate across the company’s departments, etc. But your manager cannot teach you anything if you aren’t willing to learn and be coached.

An employee who actively learns from those around her can always improve her skills and learn to add more value to the company. An employee who is set in her ways won’t improve at all and will stagnate quickly.

Which employee do you think will get more promotions and achieve more in her career?

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