What are you doing that is valuable for someone else?

When employees wonder what they can do to get a raise or a promotion, they look in the common areas: skills, education, and office politics. They might think:

“I need to learn XYZ skill before I can get a raise.”

“I need to go to business school before I can get promoted.”

“My boss doesn’t like me so I won’t get a bonus.”

While there is some truth to all of that, one factor is even more important: what are you doing that is valuable for someone else?

You have a job to do something valuable for your boss, your company, and your company’s customers. That could be writing reports, creating company financials, writing software programs, or whatever is in your job description. But if you aren’t adding value to someone else’s life, it’s unlikely that you will advance in your career.

The solution then is to identify who you are helping, what is valuable to them, and how you can add even more value to their lives. After you learn how to do something more valuable for someone else, your career path up become obvious.

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