Why people really get hired

(This isn’t a trick accusing hiring managers of nepotism.)

When a job posting says a company wants to hire an accountant, the company’s management isn’t really asking for an accountant. It’s more likely that they have a problem that they need solved and a well trained accountant can solve that problem.

Case 1: Perhaps their banker says they don’t have accurate enough financial records to qualify for a loan.

Problem: We can’t get a loan.

Solution: Hire someone who can create the financial records the banker needs to give us a loan.

Case 2: Maybe the Board of Directors is upset at the CEO because the annual budget is a mess and they can’t determine what financial health the company has.

Problem: The CEO is at risk of being fired.

Solution: Hire someone who can accurately summarize the company’s financial health so the Board won’t fire the CEO.

Case 3: Or management wants to cut costs by getting an in-house accountant.

Problem: We spend too much money on outside accountants.

Solution: Reduce the costs by getting someone in-house to do the work.

In each case, the company has a problem they need solved so they post a job for an accountant because they believe someone trained as an accountant can solve those problems. If you are interviewing for that accounting position, knowing what problem the company has and what solution they want will go a long way to getting your hired. If you demonstrate that you can create the financial records they need to get the loan, they will want to hire you.

The same can be true for any job: engineers, bankers, lawyers, analysts, and even social workers. You aren’t hired just to do your job description. You get hired to solve problems the company has.

Sometimes you have to dig past the job description to find what problems you need to solve, but if you find those problems and demonstrate you can solve them during the job interview, you will be much more likely to get hired.

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